Where did I find this?

Gets me thinking. We need to come to grips with the fact that everything that we perceive is quite literally inside of our minds. What you experience as reality is nothing more than the sum of everything you perceive through your senses, information which is processed in the brain. Reality could look completely different or it could simply not exist “out there”. Solipsism suggests that we can never prove that reality exists independently of ourselves. It is impossible, because the only tools we can use to figure that out are our senses and the brain, things that are made out of the reality we are trying to prove or disprove. It would be like trying to bite your own teeth. When you dream, you do not question the dream, you simply accept that reality and live out the experience. It is only when you wake up that you realize it wasn’t “real”. But what is real? This moment is inside your head as much as the dream you had last night. That doesn’t mean that it is not real. It doesn’t mean that it does not matter. It is still a very real experience. Once you come to this conclusion you realize that the nature of reality is purely mental. Not materialistic and mechanical as we previously thought. If you think about it, matter isn’t what we think it is. It is not physical. Think about the way physics breaks it down.

Eventually you come to the physical world’s “building blocks”, very small particles that cannot be broken down anymore. Physics even comes to the conclusion that these very small particles are in turn made out of point particles, which are particles that have no spatial extension, they are zero-dimensional, take up zero space. Particles do not simply break down infinitely. There isn’t an infinite amount of infinitely small particles. In other words, matter is made out of quite literally nothing. Logically we have to get to this nothingness eventually. Pure nothingness. You can say matter is made out of energy but this energy in turn must come from somewhere else. The Big Bang is no answer as we could ask the same question about it. Where did it come from? People don’t even understand what energy really is. When most people think about energy they think about a substance, something tangible like fire. That is not it. Scientifically, energy is described simply as potential. The potential of a given system to do do work. Not a substance. That eliminates energy as an answer for the base of “physical” reality. Because the physical world is ultimately made of nothing, the only logical conclusion is that it is in fact mental, because the only way you and I experience it is mentally, and so do any other conscious beings that may exist.

Ultimately, it is likely that the universe could be just a great thought, as many wise men have said. Following this logic, we can then come to the conclusion that you are the creator as much as the universe is your maker. Maybe the universe simply could not exist without your awareness of it. This would suggest that the world isn’t just a machine that exists out there, but it is a mental landscape. We think we cannot see directly see inside our minds, but the world we experience every day is the mind. All aspects of it, such as space, matter and time, are aspects of your own mind. This doesn’t have to mean that other people don’t really exist. Maybe other individuals are simply different points of view. Different perspectives on the world. The universe looking at itself from every possible point of perspective, having every possible experience of itself. That would even include animals and any other life form that has developed some level of perception. Obviously this only leads to more questions, like everything else. Does the world make you, or do you make it? If it makes you what makes it? I believe it is both. The universe depends on you as much as you depend on it. The largest galaxies could not exist without you, and you would not exist without them. You are dependent on the elements created in massive stars, yet to you, these stars would not exist, if you didn’t exist. Don’t think about this reality as “really out there”, remember that we simply cannot prove that the things that we perceive are independent of ourselves. Like I said before, that would be like trying to bite your own teeth, or touching the fingertip of your finger with that same finger. Makes no sense. Remember that if matter is fundamentally empty, then it cannot be physical.

Ultimately everything is one. Clearly this is all hypothetical and unproved by science, but like I said, it simply cannot be proved by science. Never will be. But possible nonetheless.