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I have done dmt at least 100 to 150 times and have become very in tune to the steps but would rarely recieve messages. I only do dmt now when i feel a calling or universal urge to consume. Last night i had this strange voice that kept telling me the time is now your ready to know and receive the truth. As i began to take the first hit the paralyzation took hold and when i began to take another hit it began to shift which was explained to me later was phasing in and out of my biological body. As the images were barely moving i cried out, but there’s more i know there’s more i can go further, but was unable to take a third hit yet alone properly finish the second. I looked at the ceiling and there was some type of shadow figure looking down through the opening stating that the time is now that he hasn’t seen me in several weeks and that it was glad i am back because i am know ready to know the truth, the origins of which we were created and that it is my duty to explain to others the gift I was given. It stated that very few people in the world our given this gift and that it knows I’m ready to receive the divine truth. The core went way into detail about several things buy this is just a snippet it stated that the beings or entities experienced during communication are metaphysical spawns of the core consciousness to enable the core to communicate with its Individual separated consciousness during the communication i.e consuming dmt. It explained there are several ways to communicate but the direct route is through the consumption of the consciousness which is dmt. Dmt is a physical manifestation of the metaphysical core consciousness that governs all consciousnesses. To continue it reached down and grabbed my soul out of my body as best as i can describe and pulled me to the core my experience through my reality is as follows.Lsd allows your to become vibrationally in tune to the higher consciousness where you are more aware of its presence and able to indirectly feel the cosmic connection to where we originated from. Dmt is strictly a communication tool that in combination to become vibrational in tune to the consciousness it allows you to directly communicate with the collective presence of the manifestation of the core consciousness from which all individual consciousness spawns from . Think of consciousness as cookies individually pulled from the same bucket of consciousness dough. The core consciousness chooses to create biological entities, people, in which it is allowed to subjectively experience its own collective reality through each of our individual realities formed by your experiences and the thoughts that follow. It is from this core consciousness that all individual consciousness are recycled and spawned. When The consciousness spawns a new piece it takes a fundamental baseline consciousness which is the same for each vessel that receives it and it is through our own experiences and our free will that builds upon this baseline piece of core consciousness and allows us to create our own reality through our perception for which the core consciousness can indirectly experience it’s creation. The core tries its best to match the appropriate consciousness wi th the appropriate vessel. A perfect match will create a buddha or enligtened being one that is so vibrationally in tune to the core it’s almost a direct represtation a celestial being one that can deliver messages directly. The core consciousness is an entity that is metaphysical but so full of energy that it is literally made of thoughts, consciousness, or one could say the souls. It is forever in perpetual motion constantly cycling in and out individual consciousnesses. It has also showed and explained that it is not the only core consciousness that the universe is full of these core consciousness which life spawns from in different varieties. These core consciousness communicate with one another. It also showed me that our core consciousness is extremely unique in its evolution that it can demonstrate and convey emotions which is rare in the universe. This is why our core consciousness spawned us, people, so that it can indirectly feel and experience itself in combination with emotions which has truley given our core consciousness a deeper understanding of the universe in comparison to other core consciousness. It explained that we will never move past our current state until we learn to connect to the core which has created and spawned all indivual consciousness. That we were given free will so we can purely experience our reality with no adulterations making a divine experience that continues to nourish the core. What is not important is our death. Death does not exist. Our bodies are merely tools for the consciousness to be encased in to experience the beauty. Once our biological vessels can no longer sustain our consciousness moves back to the core and depending on what our experiences were if it was for the better aid of the core or if it was negative. The core consciousness decides what it will do with us from there. In the event we are not spawned we are held at the core until the core feels we are ready once again. Not every individual can be spawned some must stay behind as this is what the core consciousness is made of our collective individual consciousness. Much like a metaphysical globular cluster with tentacles each tentacle storing or distributing consciousness. As this was being explained it shhowed me to watch the tentacle as a new individual consciousness was spawned I can literally hear the piece that broke away it’s thoughts, it’s intentions, It’s emotions. This continues to go way more in depth I am considering writing a book about this experiences as this is the truth that was explained to me. I have experienced dmt many many times but this was profoundly different this message, truth, rocked me to the core and I will never forget it for the rest of my life. The core chooses what it wants to show you during the communication if you are ready and harmonically and emotionally in tune to receive the truth it will show you. It explained that there is no specific guideline to communication you don’t have to merely specially do 50 mg that just a spec is enough. See that’s thing as I was crying out there’s more your not showing me everything the core explained to watch these briefly as it prepares to receive me. For what i consumed there should have just been the waiting room mentality. Truly the most profound experience of my life.