There's no such thing as crazy

Go on with what you were saying. I know what you think and I know what keeps you doing this. There isn’t such a thing as crazy people there are only people that are not understood. You act crazy because everyone around you thinks that you’re crazy. You are what the world defines you as. If the world starts thinking that you’re crazy and acts and treats you like you’re crazy then you will be crazy and if you don’t find anyone that can understand your craziness you’ll Stay stuck in the state.

I don’t think that there is such a thing as crazy people. I think that there are only people who see more things than the normal person sees. No matter how strange the things that you’re seeing or they are still real and the fact that nobody else can grasp the things that you’d see and understand there is something that can get you out of this craziness. you need to step down and show everyone else the things that you see and make them understand them and only then when you will be surrounded by people who understand and see the same things that you do you will become normal again because you are defined only by what everyone else thinks of you and if everyone else’s opinion of you is different than yours and you don’t accept this this is what makes you crazy.

One thing that can put you on the right path is you knowing that there are people who do understand you and that there are people who will try to help you but they will never tell you the things that you need to hear in order to trigger the change you need to define what can bring you back to your normal self and then adapt that in such a way that things that happen around you can lead you on the right path. I’m telling you what you need to hear.