Nominative convergence

Once sounds imitating nature, most words except onomatopoeia lost any trace of their origin. Language changes constantly, words get distorted and morph. The complexity of our world is constantly increasing and language has to adapt in order to keep up.

One thing we have collectively decided to do is to name discoveries and breakthroughs after their creators: Liebniz integral, Faraday’s law, Lorenz equations etc.

Artificial intelligence will accelerate our understanding of the world to levels never before seen, with singularity being closer and closer in sight. Events such as Nobel-worthy discoveries will become routine and will be reflected by changes in language itself (before ditching language completely, but this is a subject for another time).

An exponential increase in the amount of creator-named complex world models can only be integrated by language through agglutination and acronymization, hence nominative convergence.

We will all be born VX junkies and transcend that state. We’re on our way to become superhuman(s).